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Ninja Action soundtrack on Audio Portal

2013-06-11 03:33:53 by SlyFly00

We finally received a green light from Tom Fulp to upload soundtrack to Audio Portal. For which I would like to thank him.
Currently you may enjoy there works of Anton Krasavin, who will be forever in our hearts.
We decided to immortalize him by making his music available world-wide as well as we are looking forward to find a musician, who will be capable and willing to finish some of Anton's works.
Other tracks will be uploaded a little bit later, stay tuned to hear works of GReeNOX and KharmaGuess.

We are currently busy with making a fourth episode of Ninja Action and our goal is to finish it is as soon as possible.
Third episode is still being adapted for English audience and it may take a quite a while, since we got our hands full.
As I wrote before, we are looking forward to see new artists in our team, though we are unable to run a requirement currently.
Stay tuned. I will surely inform you when requirement will open.

And... here are a couple of shots from 4th episode production.
First and second.
Hey, they will be available only for 14 days.

Anton Krasavin found dead

2013-06-05 12:07:06 by SlyFly00

I, personally, do not feel like saying something.
I will just post a translation of news article.

"Police found a body of 24 year old Anton Krasavin, who was reported missing at 12th May.

Anton phoned his girlfriend at this night and gone missing afterwards. Police and volunteers were looking for him few days. Recently specialists obtained information that Anton could be visiting Cathedral Square or bridge through Volga river.

Policemen found body of missing person in Volga river, he was identified by his parents. Cause of death is still unknown.

Not only friends and relatives express their condolences, but a people from distant cities. Anton was a musician and created music for popular in Internet animation movie "Ninja Action" where he was known by the alias Toxic Mix."
Source -

We need some time to think about it.

Evolution of Ninja Action

2013-05-21 03:15:49 by SlyFly00

Greetings, fellow Newgrounders.

I got yet another another video to show you.
It contains the first version of Ninja Action as it was at 2003, the second version of Ninja Action as it was at 2004, few alternate endings and few deleted scenes from third version at 2010.
As well as very and very first concept art, dated by 1990.

Have fun watching it!

A quick update on studio life - we are currently considering hiring additional animators.
Stay tuned.

Evolution of Ninja Action

Dex's birthday

2013-05-18 17:34:38 by SlyFly00

Work in studio successfully stalled - we are celebrating Dex's birthday.
It is quite a good time to swarm up and spam up his mailbox with congratulations a little, do not you think?

About Ninja Action series - we half-prepared the third episode for uploading and premier on Newgrounds is planned to happen at 22th.
Episode will feature Jackie Chan, Sylvester Stallone and Vladimir Putin.

More information (and comic page as well) will be available few hours prior to 3rd episode.

PS. And I am really sorry for such sloppy and quick post - I am already celebrating.

Dex's birthday

Hello, World

2013-05-15 15:40:59 by SlyFly00

Greetings, fellow Newgrounders.

As you probably already know from Dex's blog, my name is Denis Kharitonov and I am currently filling an Executive Producer position in our yet unnamed studio.
Most of my time on Newgrounds I am going to take care of this little blog and spread Dex's word, answering your reviews.
Other than that - feel free to write me in case if you are willing to discuss any matter with us privately.

Concerning the actual reason why you are here - the Ninja Action series.
Currently the 4th episode is in development and let me demonstrate you "Making of" videos.
Here you can find the video of animating the 4th episode of NA series. While here you can find a video of animating the 1st episode, which received so kind welcoming from you in recent days.

As a little bonus, let's play a little game.
From time to time I will spill out a random fact about Ninja Action series as well as post the page from NA comic here.
Yes, it actually started as a hand-drawn-notebook-comic. Dex was torturing his pencils since 1998 till 2000, when he finally decided to make an animation.

Hello, World