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Anton Krasavin found dead

2013-06-05 12:07:06 by SlyFly00

I, personally, do not feel like saying something.
I will just post a translation of news article.

"Police found a body of 24 year old Anton Krasavin, who was reported missing at 12th May.

Anton phoned his girlfriend at this night and gone missing afterwards. Police and volunteers were looking for him few days. Recently specialists obtained information that Anton could be visiting Cathedral Square or bridge through Volga river.

Policemen found body of missing person in Volga river, he was identified by his parents. Cause of death is still unknown.

Not only friends and relatives express their condolences, but a people from distant cities. Anton was a musician and created music for popular in Internet animation movie "Ninja Action" where he was known by the alias Toxic Mix."
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We need some time to think about it.


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2013-06-09 09:30:24

R.Ä°.P then Anton