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Hello, World

Posted by SlyFly00 - May 15th, 2013

Greetings, fellow Newgrounders.

As you probably already know from Dex's blog, my name is Denis Kharitonov and I am currently filling an Executive Producer position in our yet unnamed studio.
Most of my time on Newgrounds I am going to take care of this little blog and spread Dex's word, answering your reviews.
Other than that - feel free to write me in case if you are willing to discuss any matter with us privately.

Concerning the actual reason why you are here - the Ninja Action series.
Currently the 4th episode is in development and let me demonstrate you "Making of" videos.
Here you can find the video of animating the 4th episode of NA series. While here you can find a video of animating the 1st episode, which received so kind welcoming from you in recent days.

As a little bonus, let's play a little game.
From time to time I will spill out a random fact about Ninja Action series as well as post the page from NA comic here.
Yes, it actually started as a hand-drawn-notebook-comic. Dex was torturing his pencils since 1998 till 2000, when he finally decided to make an animation.

Hello, World

Comments (4)

I found some rather small grammar errors in episode 2. Like "rockies" instead of "rookies", "lets" instead of "let's", etc. Just pointing that out.

Other than that, episode 2 is the best 2D fighting animation I've seen in years. The parts about the cat were awesome. It, though, lackscharacters you could instantly recognize, like the brute guy, the punk, the guy with the claws. I'd like more players like that, maybe some which return as antagonists through various episodes. The girl is already good, but she isn't enough.

I know, I could've posted this in a review, but I already did one and didn't feel like double posting.

Thanks for pointing out grammar errors. Unfortunately, we are not able to fix them in nearest future, but we will consider it to improve someone's (Mine, mostly) skills in English.

Some characters will return in future episodes. Stay tuned.
Thanks for watching and reviewing.

PLease post the music that you've used for these videos they are awesome and I would like to hear the full version. Also, as a Mortal Kombat fan, Thanks for bringing back memories of great games. The sound effects and some of the character movements are from the MK series. I'v noticed that you've used some of the graphics from Metal slug as well, such as some of you new infected characters.

We are currently discussing such possibility with authors of music, used in Ninja Action.
It will be uploaded to the Audio portal in case if they will agree.

I promise to inform you personally in case if it will happen.

The animations are wonderful. I adore your work. But after reading this news post I got a question:
What is an executive producer's job to do? Do you help Dex animate? What do you do?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

As an Executive Producer my main job is to oversee the production of series and consult Dex when he needs so. I am not an animator and, therefore, I am not qualified enough to consult him in this matter, but I have experience in screenwriting and PR management. Those two matters usually are the subjects we discuss with Dex.
Other than that - I am to oversee the reaction of public, research current market and, after analysing it, report results to Dex with possible and optimal options.
I represent the Studio during the negotiations with sponsors, interviews with staff applicants. As well as I initiate those in case if needed.
Dex as well authorised me to take care of legal matters. If there is a legal document to analyse and seek for any pitfalls or any problems with author rights - expect me and my lawyer to show up.

That's pretty much what I do. Sometimes it varies if Dex decides to ask for my attention at some specific matter.

Hello SlyFly! This series really is an unnaturally grand entrance into the community. I'm glad I stumbled upon the second one; will be following the series from here onward (and check back on the first one soon as I post this). Interesting to know it all started as a comic, and a pretty detailed comic too by the looks of it. Wonder what the Ninja is saying above?

"Maybe there is another exit."
"Go! I will stall them."