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Ninja Action soundtrack on Audio Portal

2013-06-11 03:33:53 by SlyFly00

We finally received a green light from Tom Fulp to upload soundtrack to Audio Portal. For which I would like to thank him.
Currently you may enjoy there works of Anton Krasavin, who will be forever in our hearts.
We decided to immortalize him by making his music available world-wide as well as we are looking forward to find a musician, who will be capable and willing to finish some of Anton's works.
Other tracks will be uploaded a little bit later, stay tuned to hear works of GReeNOX and KharmaGuess.

We are currently busy with making a fourth episode of Ninja Action and our goal is to finish it is as soon as possible.
Third episode is still being adapted for English audience and it may take a quite a while, since we got our hands full.
As I wrote before, we are looking forward to see new artists in our team, though we are unable to run a requirement currently.
Stay tuned. I will surely inform you when requirement will open.

And... here are a couple of shots from 4th episode production.
First and second.
Hey, they will be available only for 14 days.


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2013-06-11 06:11:30

Nice. Looking forward to the next episode!


2013-06-11 08:00:47

Umm, Cyberdevil, it's not nice. Anton Krasavin is dead, you realize that?
Not nice at all.


2013-07-06 10:22:32

why does all the best people always live short... sorry to hear about this.. I really love the soundtrack in ninja action alot.